Devon goods are manufactured with the highest quality standards and are guaranteed for 10 years against manufacturing defects. Upon the receipt of a complaint, the products are required to be received by the factory for the cause of the malfunction to be investigated and to determine whether the malfunction has occurred due to a manufacturing fault or is due to causes beyond the responsibility and control of the manufacturer . Thereafter, the product shall be repaired or replaced with reasonable promptness.

For non-mechanical items, the product will be subject to normal wear characteristics of the materials and finishes. In no event shall the supplier be liable for indirect, incidental or consequential damages and in no event shall the suppliers’ liability exceed the actual amount paid for the corresponding product.

This guarantee shall, however, become invalid under the following circumstances:

  • Manifest misuse such as the product to be damaged deliberately or put under or undue stress. The goods are re-finished, dis-mantled or altered in any way.
  • The goods are improperly installed.
  • The customer fails to observe or perform the requirements of the maintenance procedure relating to the ironmongery.
  • Damage or defects are caused by physical abuse, vandalism, unauthorized alterations or modifications, acts of nature, theft, improper transportation, and improper storage.
  • The customer is in breach of any contract with the company / supplier or if the corresponding payment for the materials has not been made.
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